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Lil Bugger Camper

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Small Vintage RV, Lil Bugger Camper For Sale

Here's a rare vintage RV that was built above the Volkswagen Beetle drivetrain, well-known as the Lil Bugger Camper. While an assortment of chassis has been used to support motorhome designs through the years, this doesn't seem like something you've seen often. The shape looks a bit odd for now, but that's could be perfect for an eccentric old camper enthusiast. Found this one being offered for sale on Craigslist for $8500 located in Seattle Washington.

Lil Bugger Camper

When the hegemony VW Bug struck America around the 70s, at Bellflower, California the Lil Bugger was born. That was offered by Travelon Industries and stands as the only class C-style limited production motorhome ever built on a VW Bug frame. From what can be seen, the exterior skin seems to have survived the nearly half-century pretty well, though closer inspections are needed, at least repairs will be needed to a fresh look, as well as the interior needs some work to be updated.

The size is very small compared with the usual class C motorhome, but it has all the appointments and facilities normally found in a standard camper. There is a single sink with a double stove fit inside and can be pushed out when parked. And its overall design is one of the most clever packaging solutions around. If you're interested to take it home, need more budget prepared for a motor.

Owner Says
1974 Lil Bugger Camper, one owner since 1975, no motor, needs interior updated, very rare and hard to find.


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