Happy Camper, A Beast Winnebago Brave

Happy Camper, a beast Winnebago Brave by Ringbrothers

What do you think when words are not enough to represent what you have imagination?
Yes, you should make it happen is the right answer. After done you got satisfaction and avowal from others what you have done.

All that you've seen here is great, one example outcome of the Ringbrothers insane works was shown at SEMA paraded, the vintage Winnebago Brave with 900HP is a real beast Winnebago... were dubbed Happy Camper. That's a really huge power for a motorhome.

Happy Camper, A Beast Winnebago

Awesome Conversion, 1950 Bedford OB Bus

When someone has so much money frozen in his pocket, is not something difficult to achieve this absolute investment just for pleasure. As you've seen here the British vintage bus that was built by Bedford OB in 1950 has been fully converted into a motorhome and has a lot of modernized parts and equipment, spending more than $300,000 USD invested into it. The outcome was so awesome that was rebuilt on top of the chassis and powertrain of a modern Iveco diesel truck.

Awesome Motorhome Conversion, 1950 Bedford OB Bus

The appearance is so nice, seems it has been beautifully touched by the expert with a very high standard inside and out. The interior is cool and perfect comes with a double bedroom with a bathroom in the rear with a kitchenette and a seating area in the middle, there is also a large skylights roof, a modern entertainment system by 27″ iMac, and a Bose sound system, while appliances and lighting are all nicely integrated and expensive-looking, but I don't know why are use a vinyl, not a wood Parque at flooring, probably are looking for a lightweight, perhaps these words right "lighter to save more fuel for more trips".

Awesome Motorhome Interior Conversion

And other modernized equipment included solar panels, two rear cameras, two 120a/h gel batteries, two battery conditioners, a split charger generator, 240V electrics, a 120-liter propane tank, a 12V inverter, a 120-liter fresh water tank, 150 liters of combined waste storage, and central heating.

While on the engine side, it has a 2,998 cc diesel engine coming from a 2006 Iveco truck that has been driven about 24,000 miles under a full-service history. The bus able to run at 90 Mph fitted a lot of upgrade safety standards to meet modern regulations.

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Restorable Vintage Travel Trailers

Restorable Vintage Travel Trailers

Restorable Vintage Travel Trailers For Sale on Craigslist

Here found two of many attractive travel trailers on Craigslist ready to sell, is a vintage models with large sizes, both from the middle of 50's period which we think are has a lot of great future and very potential to be restored or converted into a charming house (park models). All of those be more valuable when held by a good hand or handsome man like us especially me. We hope that's would be perfect for anyone who has to decide to live as an adventurer or has a tiny house living. Also, it has very healthy content for all retirees.

Futuristic Motorhome For Its Era

Futuristic motorhome, that's about awesome design when it showed with precede (has stepped forward) for its era, nice to know it.

Here we bring to here some samples of the coolest motorhomes with a futuristic shape presented for its period. Some of you or those who wanted to get their memories back, may this post will be able to quench your thirst for vintage RVs.

Futuristic Motorhome For Its Era

Here is a brilliant idea implemented to build a wide variety of recreational vehicles and their features, and here is some good samples we listed here to see the progress made in each decade. Just how far can you see an RV from its usual form towards more of a motorhome-type structure for the future without completely hiding its function and how are should be? In this case, the basic class A format still has a powerful effect, looks the results are nice. Let’s take a look.

Luxury Adventures RV, Mercedes-Benz Zetros

Luxury Adventures RV, Mercedes-Benz Zetros

Luxury Adventures RV, Mercedes-Benz Zetros

This coolest combination between capability and comfort is designed to conquer all terrain conditions even in extreme weather no abandoning the coziness as a home. Yes, we're talking about the luxury adventure RV based on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck named the Zetros mobile home.

The best vehicles converted into adventure RV or off-road Camper

The best vehicles converted into adventure RV or off-road Camper

What are the best vehicles converted into adventure RV or off-road Camper?

If you feel a little bored with mainstream roads or usual RV parks and want to bit ruder or more deeper, or just tried to challenge adrenaline to go to unusual places and to meet your adventurous spirit. May this information be suitable for you?

In reality, very rare manufacturers offer their products as pure adventure RVs with a specification that is designed really for it, although available there was not many models and options and the price can be much more expensive than regular RVs.

So can be ensured the question above immediately comes up in your mind, to find the answer let's follow our discussion below.