1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home

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1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home

For Sale, 1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home

Found this one on Craigslist posted about 11 days ago, it's a vintage long mobile home offered by Victor Supreme in the 50s. Extremely rare and hard to find today, built in 1956, it's a Victor Supreme Mobile Home, unrevealed its precises dimension, is beautiful but not perfect, and needs a few restoration works to be perfect.

1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home Interior

The interior looks clean and decent without a carpet, had much new equipment, especially in the kitchen part. Feature freshly floors, renewed insulation, and a general reconditioning of worn items. The framing appears to be in very good condition overall, but the owner said it has leaks in a few spots. Also, the heater and air conditioner remained original trim, so it very old units, and the owner is not so sure about their condition.

Victor Supreme Mobile Home

Full aluminum body. This one example has been with the 3rd owner and refurbished to fix up the damage and reinstall the windows with new silicone during his ownership.

1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home
condition: good
paint color: pink

Owner Says
One-of-a-kind 1956 Victor Supreme mobile home. Extremely rare!

Aluminum exterior/hardwood plywood interior. I have been replacing damaged original "African Hardwood" plywood with new birch, and insulating with new rigid insulation wherever I make a replacement. I have also been removing and reinstalling the windows with new silicone.

Overall she's a beauty like nothing I've seen before, and she needs a bit of restoration. I put in a new faucet, pex plumbing for the kitchen sink and tub, propane stove, a new propane hot water heater, and removed the old carpet and painted the plywood floor. All of the framing is in great shape, with the exception of small areas where leaks are being repaired. Original wiring works. Has original International heater/AC units which I have never tried to turn on. I am the 3rd owner.

$15,000 OBO-Will consider all offers.


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