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1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer For Sale

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1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer For Sale

1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer For Sale

Here's we found this one beautiful vintage small camper trailer made by the Red Dale released in 1967 has 16' long. The seller claim is a perfect size as the travel trailer where is allow to camp at every state and national parks. Finding in Craigslist looking for $6000 posted about 6 days ago, located in Casa Grande, Arizona.

1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer

The exterior so charming, is nice combination between sea blue and white color also has flowers with a flamingo bird on the coconut tree. The trailer looks very cared for and presents as pretty much immaculate details and excellent running. The body looks good no dent or rusty.

1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer Interior

Inside the trailer appears very well cared for, with front bed and no bathroom layout. Is said has been recovered and rebuilt, looks nice come with ice box, stove and sink, hope no leak or rotten and all equipment works well properly. The wood paneling and structural appear to be in very good condition overall.

1967 Red Dale Travel Trailer
Condition: Excellent
Paint color: Custom
Interior color: Brown
Class: Camper Trailer
Size: 16'

Owner Says
1967 Red Dale Camper, 16'. Sleeps up to 4 (2 to a bed). No holding tanks, no bathroom. The lines for the holding tank are still there so you can install one if you really want one. It's set up to run fresh water via campsite hookup to kitchen sink with the sink draining into a loose portable container. 2 5-gallon containers are included. It also still has the original pump faucet if you choose to use a holding tank.

Porta Potty with "Potty Tent" (shower tent) is included.
3 burner stove with oven. Dometic 3-way refrigerator is there. It cools, but unknown if it works properly as I never used it. It probably needs "burped" by now.

NEW cushions, only used once since they were installed and they are very comfortable.
Window A/C unit is installed but not very cold to me. It may need replacing or charging? No heat, we used a portable heater and it was more than sufficient to heat it all up toasty-warm. The propane line and vent are still there where the old 1967 heater was, if you want to reinstall another. Right now, that space is extra storage space.

The legal size of this camper is 16'. If you rent a space, you will need one that will fit a 16' camper. It will allow you to camp at state and national parks where the size limit is 16'. The interior wall-to-wall box size is 13' long x 6' 3" wide. The beds are both 6' 3" long. The dinette bed is 43" wide. The back bed is 49" wide. Full size sheets fit on both. Interior ceiling height is 6' 1 ¾".

The previous owner had the interior skins removed, any questionable structural wood replaced, and installed more insulation. They also put a rubber roof on. It does not leak. It also has the fancy vent cover that allows you to leave the vent open while going down the road and won't allow rain in while the vent is open.

Flooring is vinyl plank (wood look, but vinyl), very nice. Pegboard over the sink and counter area makes storage very convenient and easily accessible!

There is an extra hitch receiver installed on the back so that you can tow your boat behind it. (You'll have to do your own homework on what's legal to tow behind it.)

Anti-sway and Weight Distributing hitch is all hooked up and works wonderfully! It's a very light camper. I tow it with a 6 cylinder RAV4. I was told that it weighs 1200 pounds, but I never weighed it. Surely it's under 2000 pounds fully loaded (normal load). The weight distributing hitch keeps it tracking true and you barely know it's back there, it makes it a very safe and easy tow.

Extras included: Weight Distributing/Anti-Sway hitch, spare tire, spare cover, 2 5-gal water containers, 4 levelers, 2 wheel chocks, 2 propane tanks, 2 carry baskets, porta potty, potty tent, fresh water hose, 3 plastic flamingo wine glasses, flamingo lamp, flamingo string lights, tiki umbrella, 2 pink lawn flamingos, 2 more flamingo yard stakes and a few more things..
New owner should be "social" type as this camper draws a LOT of attention at camp sites, gas stations, restaurants, and even going down the highway!! It's a great vintage looker inside and out. They just don't build them like this anymore!! Most campers built today wouldn't last half as long as this baby has, and still will, if you take care of her.

If you're a novice camper: this is the perfect set up for our State Parks. Low maintenance, easy tow, use the park shower and restrooms and you don't have to worry about tanks/hoses/sewage, etc.
Clean and clear title, ready to go camping!

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