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50s Scotsman Travel Trailer

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Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 50s Scotsman Travel Trailer

When you're looking for something unique and matching with your classic ride in camping park, may this one to be perfect especially for summer holiday event with your love. As we've seen here it a vintage small camper trailer was made by Scotsman built in about 50s ready to go as is, find this one in Craigslist for $1500 in North Carolina.

50s Scotsman Travel Trailer

Mostly camping trailers from this era are long time gone, but not for this. No need a lot horsepower to pull out, small, lighter and constructed of economical materials like aluminium and light woods. The trailer has a good shape, the body looks okay, the windows good overall with complete glass and no crack. The interior was stripped, is said no leak it could be a potential travel trailer to restored.

1950 Scotsman Travel Trailer
condition: good

Owner Says
1950's Scotsman camper for sale. Renovation begun. Weight is approximately 1,100 pounds. No leaks. No rust. No title.


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