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Restorable Vintage Travel Trailers

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Restorable Vintage Travel Trailers

Restorable Vintage Travel Trailers For Sale on Craigslist

Here found two of many attractive travel trailers on Craigslist ready to sell, is a vintage models with large sizes, both from the middle of 50's period which we think are has a lot of great future and very potential to be restored or converted into a charming house (park models). All of those be more valuable when held by a good hand or handsome man like us especially me. We hope that's would be perfect for anyone who has to decide to live as an adventurer or has a tiny house living. Also, it has very healthy content for all retirees.

1956 Spartan Royal Manor Travel Trailer

A tiny home without a loft, 1956 Spartan Royal Manor
Are you ready for the good to come from this Spartan? This ongoing project is the Spartan Royal Manor travel trailer built in 1956 and is 33' long and 8' wide, before we wrote here, this trailer was offered for sale on Craigslist and was listed about four days ago, located at Graham, Washington. For only $4500 you can take it home including all the good things the trailer has.

You can have your project with many great futures, and it all depends on what you will invest into it, it's all in your hands. It is a perfect start, thanks to its conditions and solid construction, it brings many benefits as a good foundation for perfect results. It's not far to finish and it will be fun to do when you pull it back to your garage to begin restoration and customizing it.

Describe by Owner
1956 Spartan Royal Manor ** A Tiny home without a loft! **
33' long 8' wide. This is a project with a great future. I expect that if I don't finish it someone LIKE YOU will have the time to pickup where I left off.

The "Tin Can" has been gutted down to the floor. I have started cutting out the old plywood flooring and have about half of it out. I have bought all new 3/4" cabinet grade plywood to replace the sub floor and have new Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring for 80 to 90 % of the space.

I also have a new corner shower unit and bought all of the appliances from a late 80's RV that had not been used much. Refer (Gas/Elect), Range 3 burner with oven, Water heater, and I still have the 10 gallon that that was in the trailer before the demo.
I just picked up the roof coating (5Gals) to seal the roof but wanted to install rails for future Solar panels.
Please see the attached pictures to understand what we are starting with, the progress, and my goals if I continue moving forward with the renovation.

A lot of work needs to be done and my schedule had got me working 6 to 7 days a week for a while.

Is this a project for you? I had planned on investing no more that $10k to $12k into the restoration and selling it for a profit. You could do the same or just finish is to the cheap and put it on a piece of land overlooking the Sound or up in the woods away from all the nut-balls down here. Ha.

1956 Anderson Travel Trailer

Awesome and rare find, 1956 Anderson Travel Trailer
The same as above, sold as undergoing project, hard to find today, it's a rare travel trailer made by Anderson in 1956 that has 35' long and 7,5' wide. Was posted on Craigslist about two months ago, and is still online when we wrote here, for $5600 located in Bend, Oregon. That was attractive because unique and comes with complete storage may it just needs a finishing touch and put your furniture on there and done! not bad, but more valuable if you go with highly modified and followed by clever ways for sure.

But we think it's more than that, creativity is the key, with a modern element and layout that would be great to make the interior more fun to live in it. Beyond its novelty, the trailer seems like it could be a good base used as a small home and it could be a perfect candidate for an experiment, art deco or industrial styles would be nice. not bad, but more valuable if you go with highly modified and followed by clever ways for sure.

Probably with borrow an idea like the sample above or just playing with multiple combination colors for the interior, as a teenage room may be, is not bad, but more valuable if you go with highly modified and followed by clever ways for sure.

Describe by Owner
1956 Anderson 35 ft vintage trailer. This trailer is an awesome and rare find. Yours to remodel to fit your needs. This is a great starting point for making your own small home or to restore. It has a solid, straight frame, no sag. Can paint any color you'd like, or remove the existing paint and polish the aluminum siding. There's plenty of windows for good lighting, includes three storm windows. Tows great.

Interior dimensions: 7 1/2 ft wide x 33 ft long
living room ceiling height 7 ft 3in
kitchen/bathroom/bedroom area height 6ft 9in

How to create an awesome design for both trailers above?
Two things are needed idea and willingness. Must be with a crazy idea... isn't always so, but a smart idea is a must, and being brave to make it happen is important, that's what we're talking about here, make a dream come true that's the point. About going with the simple or hard way as long as not forget the main function, all yours.

This might can help, as following our idea and tips, add a slide for more space, to save space go with multiple functions for each stuff, upper loft why not... 4 feet tall enough, that's would be good for extra room or a playground area for kids.

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