Vintage Shasta Compact Travel Trailer

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Vintage Small Camper Trailer For Sale, 1965 Shasta Compact

When you're looking to complete the setup of your classic ride, might this one as potential candidate to grab it. As shown here is a charming small travel trailer that was built by Shasta in 1965 is the Compact model has 13' long and 7' for wide this is one of freedom size where no one can't stop him to parked or camp at every state including national Parks . The trailer looks good inside and out is said has been rebuilt and almost 2 months ago was posted in Craigslist for $6200 located in Safford, still online when we write here.

Vintage Shasta Compact Travel Trailer

Yes this a small but is has perfect layout inside so cozy with lots of storage space. It will not burden your classic car, no need a lot horsepower to pulling, thanks to small size and low weight. For Compact model a portable flushing toilet as optional, and this one not fitted and a space functioned as a closet. The seller no talk about leak or something bad so it worth considering, must see for actual condition.

Interior Shasta Compact Travel Trailer

1965 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer
condition: good
size / dimensions: 13' x 7'

Owner Says

This pink little trailer is a rare beauty and perfect for glamping with your friends! It is roomy inside with lots of storage space for everything you need, including 6 drawers. It has been completely refurbished and includes a bed and a bench seat with a small table that is permanently set up. No need to drop the table in order to make up the bed. Several wall panels have been replaced on the interior and the inside has been painted with a fresh white paint, ready for your custom paint. It is lightweight and easy to pull with no swaying. It has the original baby moons and wings! The body is in great condition for a trailer that is 50 years old. I have loved camping in it. You will love camping in it and the attention she gets!

What has been done:

New subfloor, new commercial vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring.
New reupholstered cushion and curtains.
New countertop and diamond pattern backsplash.
Shelves added into the closet to give more than enough storage space.
New tires in late 2014, bearings cleaned and packed.
Propane system upgraded with new regulator and lines, with working original 3-burner stove and oven.
New water system and hand pump at the sink.
New wiring, 110 power inside.
Jalousie windows open and close easily.
Exterior brake lights, running lights and turn signals are working.
New exterior paint on body and tongue.
Roof has been sealed with an elastomeric roof coating and seams were caulked.
Brand new spare tire, stabilizing jacks and wheel chocks included.

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