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1965 Frolic Ham Style Camper With Charming Interior

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Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 1965 Frolic Ham Style Camper With Charming Interior

When you're looking something nicer at summer season, go outside follow where the RV's colony would goes, forget for a while your office, far away from the crowds, looking for a mother of nature.

1965 Frolic Ham Style Camper With Charming Interior

Here's might you interested, that will accommodate all of your pleasure during the summer holidays, a small travel trailer with a charming Interior was offered in Craigslist for $3200 that was made by Frolic in 1965 comes from a series of Ham Style has been freshening up appearance inside and out. Not sure of the size, I guessing 11' to 15' long is a perfect dimension for freedom camping anywhere including at national parks of all of state.

So far no hidden issue such a rotten or leaks, that's looks promising seems has a lot potential to more than that, need a creativity to play on exterior paint to give more aesthetics.

1965 Frolic Ham Style Camper Trailer
condition: good
size / dimensions: ASK

Owner Says
Interior has been reconditioned
Exterior has been painted
Tires recently replaced.


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