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1960 Airstream Land Yacht Caravan

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Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 1960 Airstream Land Yacht Caravan

If you have decided to live in a mini-mansion on the lakeside or beachfront, this trailer could be perfect for you. As you've seen here is a 1960 Airstream Land Yacht Caravan that was listed on Craigslist and sold as a potential project, asking $6900 located in Joshua Tree.

1960 Airstream Land Yacht Caravan

This could be a perfect start to make a fabulous tiny house on wheels, or tow for your future based on an Airstream vintage camper trailer. But remember the demands of everyday life are often too wide to zipped into RVs, and many tiny dwellers have chosen to modify, or completely convert RV platforms to suit their down-sized lifestyles.

Among the various platforms offered, for me this one stands out as an excellent choice, with 26" length is quite good as the basic, the price looks friendly, the appearance looks has good shape inside and out, seems it has a lot of potential with a little creative ability and oomph, I'm sure it could be awesome. Come closer inspection needed to an accurate calculation take it or leave it, is all your decision.

1960 Airstream Land Yacht Caravan
size / dimensions: 26 feet
condition: Good

Owner Says
Rare 1960 26" Airstream Land Yacht Caravan. Very clean shell with no dents, good tires, no leaks and carpet removed down to wood. She would look amazing polished. Great summer renovation project!


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