Tiny Home, 1966 GMC RV Truck

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Tiny Home, 1966 GMC RV Truck

Tiny Home, 1966 GMC RV Truck for sale

As shown here is 1966 GMC RV Truck, found this one was posted in Craigslist about 14 days ago looking for $15000 located in Northwest District, Portland, Oregon. This is an unique model of tiny Home with a motor, a vintage class C RV, old rig but no mechanical problem has been driven about 61000 miles, is said runs and drives good looks promising to restored.

Interior Tiny Home, 1966 GMC RV Truck

The interior looks greats no words about leaks but not perfect, a toilet was removed and haven't tested any of the appliances or water systems, as always closer inspection needed to accurate calculation. It could be interesting object at RV parks.

Owner Says
I got this from a friend who has lived in it comfortably on his driveway for the past few years. The story I was told is that a retired Boeing engineer built this by hand from a brand new GMC flatbed he bought in 1966. It's been to Mexico a few times and had 50 birthdays, but has only racked up 60,000 miles.

I have bypassed the mechanical fuel pump with an electric pump to get it driving. Upon going to a local auto parts store to buy a new mechanical one I realized by looking at the pictures that the previous owner installed it upside down. Cheap and possibly free fix. Truck drove surprisingly well and made it up one of the steepest hills in town without problem to where it currently sits overlooking the St Johns bridge here in NW Portland.

6 cylinder inline motor, 4 speed manual transmission. Clean Oregon title in hand. SP license plates, with lifetime registration! Toilet was removed years ago for mor cleset space, but looks like it would be easty to reinstall one. I have not tested any of the appliances or water systems.

This thing gets alot of compliments.


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