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Happy Camper, A Beast Winnebago Brave

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Happy Camper, a beast Winnebago Brave by Ringbrothers

What do you think when words are not enough to represent what you have imagination?
Yes, you should make it happen is the right answer. After done you got satisfaction and avowal from others what you have done.

All that you've seen here is great, one example outcome of the Ringbrothers insane works was shown at SEMA paraded, the vintage Winnebago Brave with 900HP is a real beast Winnebago... were dubbed Happy Camper. That's a really huge power for a motorhome.

Happy Camper, A Beast Winnebago

That was implanted a 408 V8 supercharged engine into Happy Camper, Brothers Jim and Mike Ring had invested $27,000 into it, reportedly can produce 900HP and only 3.2 seconds needed from 0 to 50mph, so it will never so poor side by side with the Mustang or Corvette on the drag race tracks. Despite the exterior still retaining the original shape but with a lower profile, it has more grip and high stability when he raced.

Happy Camper Interior

As the name Happy Camper, let’s not forget these parties on wheels. The inside has been fully renovated, and the outcome is so cool seemed like party buses especially when the light is on that look like a cafe or nightclub's interior. It's a really impressive work, starting from high-quality material, the style and color selected are perfect. It could be the coolest example of the vintage Winnebago Brave custom I've ever seen so far.

So what do you do if already have one Winnebago sitting in your garage? Call the Ringbrothers team immediately.

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