1974 Soviet Army Ambulance 4x4

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Potential camper conversion, 1974 Soviet Army Ambulance 4x4 for sale

Found this one interesting van was listed in Craigslist, is unusual vehicle can you see often in US, may is one example has been imported. Far away from homeland, now it has CA license. Unknown who the maker, unclear information and less description provided on the original ad, seems not ideal to get deal. Wait we try to peel this van, looks fun for some reason.

1974 Soviet Army Ambulance 4x4

As shown here is a former Soviet army ambulance being offered for sale in Craigslist looking for $18000 located in Venice, Los Angeles. Although it doesn't mention the brand, we sure this is UAZ-452 van is a family of the off-road vans made by Russian automaker Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ), that was based on the chassis and engine of the GAZ-69 jeep, it has a 75 hp 2.5 L inline 4-cylinder engine with manual transmission.

We agree with owner, this more unique than VW bus, no one else has like this one. Despite the appearance look odd, for some people it will be perfect to owned.

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The van was offering 4WD drivetrain with high ground clearance, seems has promising capability to make more fun and ready to hardcore use. The good thing is no words about mechanical issue, is said all perfect and works properly including the engine and 4WD system. That's why the owner release the van at $18000.

Interestingly is could be perfect bone to off-road camper conversion with all advantage as mentioned above. To considered, needs more attention due its rarity especially for spare parts and maintenance.

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Seller Says
Looking for a cool vehicle that no one else has? Tired of seeing the same classic VW bus van that everyone here seems to have? Then look no further!!!

This vehicle is a 1974 Soviet army ambulance.

It is fully functional and licensed in CA.

- Totally empty rear compartment to be kitted out as you need for your use (camping, surfing, etc)
- 4WD
- High clearance
- Easy to work on
- Runs great

Asking $18,000 OBO


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