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Great Care Vintage Scotsman Camper Trailer

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Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 1966 Scotsman Camper Trailer

If you're have retired and decide to make something nice and will always be remembered for all time, bought a trailer is a good idea. Yes you should buy a travel trailer, then bring your wife to get a greats vacation, goes to lake or beach don't forget your fishing tools or camera for sure.

Great Care Vintage Scotsman Camper Trailer

May with a modern trailer look nice, but with vintage camper... ?

For me the vintage camper has more nice to remembered and fun of course, other than that are is simple and easy to use and not overload your car because it is light.

As shown here is one nice example of the vintage camper trailer being offered for sale in Craigslist looking for $8000 located in Hemet, California.

Interior Vintage Scotsman Camper Trailer

Seems has been renovated all looks greats represented by photos, color, layout and all material look nice. The seller claims it a really nice camper, you will like and love with it. The camper still retain its original appliances and all in great working condition reported. Interested please read more below.

1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer
condition: good
Size / dimensions: 13 feet

Seller Says
Great care and work has been put into this adorable camper trailer to bring it back to life. This particular Scotsman body style is very uncommon and quite rare. You will get endless amounts of admiration and compliments camping with this cutie! It has all the original appliances, stove and 3 burner cooktop, hood, icebox, sink, and gas lamp. All in great working condition!!! Newly wired electrical and electrical outlets. We tore this trailer down to its bare bones to replace the floors and the roof. Most of the cabinets are original. Fresh coat of primer and interior paint to freshen up the inside. The exterior is beautiful painted in a professional automotive primer and paint. New laminated and durable oak color wood flooring was installed and is extremely easy to clean! New countertop, table and front ledge all new and matching the oak flooring. New upholstery foam and upholstery, with matching curtains, and fun colorful pillows. This trailer has an immense amount of storage and has a lot of head room for even people who are over 6 ft tall! The trailer can sleep 4 people. It weighs 1300 lbs and can be towed by most 4 cylinder cars!!! The trailer is 15ft long, with the hitch. 13 ft long body and 7 ft wide.


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