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1970 Chevrolet G20 Camper Van

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1970 Chevrolet G20 Camper Van For Sale

Found this nice American classic camper van being offered for sale on craigslist looking for a new owner. This 1970 Chevrolet G20 high-top camper van has been fully restored, it has a new engine and new drive train. A lot of funds have been invested into it to make it younger than its age, so you can take it anywhere without the usual worries of old car owners.

1970 Chevrolet G20 Camper Van For Sale

The Age of Aquarius has returned. Offered for sale is a fully restored and custom fitted High Top Camper Van that has about 42K miles on the chassis, but less than 500 miles on a new drive train. The paint is new, and more than $15,000 in new parts make this fifty year old conversion van the kind of vintage ride you can take anywhere there is a road.

1970 Chevrolet G20 Camper Van Interior

This very rare Chevy G20 features an ice box, a sink with fresh and gray water tanks, a two burner propane cooktop and chassis mounted propane tank, plenty of interior lighting, a surround sound stereo system, and heat and air conditioning. The High Top extension provides plenty of headroom, and the seating folds down to make a full size bed. Rainbow curtains, lots of storage cabinets, a small closet, handy fold out table tops, carpeting (shag, of course) and plenty of headroom make this a cozy environment that is small in size, so it is easily maneuverable on back roads and at any camping space.

1970 Chevrolet G20 Camper Van Engine

This ¾ ton G20 van is now powered by a new 350 CID V-8, it has a fresh, rebuilt TH350 three-speed automatic transmission, and 10 bolt GM rear end with freeway friendly gears. New Caribbean Lime paint glistens in the sunlight, and the interior surfaces are covered in beige vinyl with complementary cabinets in a light beige wood finish. The brake drums, master cylinder, starter, ignition switch, suspension components, tires, accessory wiring, and all the cabinets have been restored or replaced.

Chevrolet G20 Camper Van

Bringing back the 70s, the theme of this cool camper is Upscale Hippie. Timothy O’Leary or Ken Kesey would be right at home firing up a blunt in this vintage Shaggin Wagon with tunes from Joan Baez rolling on. Rare? It is a unicorn - a search of the market shows there are virtually none of these Chevy Vans available. The best news: This vintage camper can be purchased for much less than any comparable VW outfit, since the prices of the classic Volkswagen buses have skyrocketed in recent years.

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Seller Says
1970 Chevrolet G20 3/4-ton Camper Van

Automotive Unicorn For Sale

This Chevy will certainly draw a lot of attention at any vintage camper show, and it is sure to bring plenty of fun to the one who owns it. For sale by private party. Sorry, no trades and no financing available. Cash or bank to bank wire transfer only.


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