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1957 Jewel Camping Trailer

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1957 Jewel Camping Trailer Fully Functional, Ready To Go Vintage Trailer

Found this small vintage 15-foot-long travel trailer offered for sale in Kingston, Washington. As shown here is a Jewel aluminum trailer, wood frame with a single axle made in 1957 by Trailer Industries Inc., recently completed extensive rebuild, and is fully functional currently. It's a dependable over half-century-old, very cool, and would be the perfect trailer for a family weekend camp.

The Jewel was listed 5 days ago on Craigslist for $12,500 and was still online when we posted it here, all looks nice in the photos. If you're interested, a closer inspection is a must.

1957 Jewel Camping Trailer

It's a classic mid-century design that looks like a can of ham, so it's not surprising that they call it Canned Ham. Like so many other trailers of this era, seem to have shared design ideas and use the same parts available, which is why so many of these trailers from the 50s, look very similar to each other.

But not for this one, the Jewel 15-foot trailer is a bit different than the dozens of trailers coming out of the 50s, which is the quality of materials used. The interior frame structure is made with wider and thicker slats, with no knots, that's why this trailer has lasted in such good condition for over half a century.

The interior has been renovated and retains its original floorplan without a bathroom, sleep 5 comfortably, 2 in the fold-out dinette, 2 in the back bed, and 1 in the birchwood bunk above the bed. Fitted a stove, oven, wall heater, icebox, and cabinet.

Hard to find today. It's a great trailer, especially for its condition. Durable, lightweight, and compact, with a very nice retro design. It's still a very small space, but you should work smart on a decent meal in here. Don't make a mess inside.

1957 Jewel Camping Trailer For Sale

1957 Jewel Camping Trailer
condition: good
paint color: custom
size / dimensions: 15'-8"x6'-8"x8'-2"tall
rv type: travel trailer
title status: clean
transmission: other

Owner Says
Fully functional, ready to go vintage trailer. Recently completed extensive rebuild though I would not call it “Restored”. Disassembled front skins to remove rotten flooring and framing structure and then rebuilt along with new interior wood panels where required. Lots of new seam sealer and sealant. Finished off with fresh exterior repaint (Sherwin Williams Marine/Industrial Enamel), and new interior paneling stained to match the existing panels. Removed old linoleum flooring and installed new vinyl floor. Rewired and expanded 120v system, repaired and functioning 12v running lights and e-brakes. Trailer is now rock solid and water tight as best as we can tell. Happy to share all photos of the rebuild.

New 30amp breaker box with standard twist lock plug, for two 120v lighting/outlet circuits plus a new electric heater. Has new electric fridge, new insta-hot water faucet at the sink, new roof vent fan, plus new exterior LED lighting. 20lb propane tank (nearly full) lines soap checked and stove used on recent camping trips and the burners work as they should, though we have not tried the oven.

Comes with all items seen in the photos plus the original matching green ice box and bench seat panels if you ever wanted to refinish or redo/complete a restoration to original condition. Includes the awning and a port-a-pot that stores nicely under the bed. New seat cushions, new sheets, and several vintage dining items come with the trailer. Has all 4 jacks, 5 gallon fresh water tank and a 30amp electrical cord. Have pdf file of the Jewel logo that we can provide to assist with your own future graphics.

According to on line research this trailer weighs around 1800-2000lbs unloaded. I can attest that our 6 cylinder Tacoma has no problem towing it with our gear, and it tows straight and true. Trailer is 12’-8” long, 6’-8” wide, 8’-2” tall, and 15’-8” in total length, interior is 6’-5” floor to ceiling. Bearings were cleaned and greased with the brake repairs. Tire manufacture date is 2002 and have plenty of tread, no cracking, genuinely look very solid. Spare tire manufactured 2007 and likewise plenty of tread, no cracking and holds air. New safety chain.

This is all and all a very usable vintage trailer that is ready to go camping and/or to the next Vintage Trailer Rally. Very functional layout in a small size, love how the bed is always up, and separate from the dining table plus plenty of storage space. Sleeps 2 plus kids bunk and dinette that could be converted into another kids sleeping spot. Neat how the dinette table can be moved to the exterior cargo door.

We bought the trailer on a whim, but have decided to let it go as we don’t have a proper winter storage space and while vintage camping is definitely fun, we know we need something newer with a real toilet and shower.

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