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1990 Toyota RV Camper Up for Sale!

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Calling All Adventurers! 1990 Toyota RV Camper Up for Sale!

Check out this gem! A 1990 Toyota RV Camper is up for grabs in the Vancouver/Surrey area for $8,800. Yup, you heard that right! This little beauty runs on gas, clocks in at a modest 41,000 on the odometer, and holds a clean title. Automatic transmission makes cruising a breeze.

1990 Toyota RV Camper Up for Sale

Here's the juicy backstory: it was scooped up as part of a ranch deal. Apparently, the previous owner, who's now chilling in the great beyond, left it behind a few years back. But fear not! According to the realtor, it was purring like a kitten the last time it hit the road.

Now, I'm no RV aficionado, but word on the street is that this Toyota RV is a real winner. The interior is surprisingly tidy for its age, with no pesky leaks to dampen your camping vibes. Sure, it needs a good scrub after its extended siesta, but hey, who doesn't?

The seller's looking for a swift sale to someone who knows their way around these Toyota RVs. Mechanics, car enthusiasts, or anyone itching for a DIY project, this could be your golden ticket! Serious inquiries only, folks. Let's get this camper a new home!

Toyota RV Camper Slumber Queen Camping - sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

This is your chance to own a piece of wanderlust with this classic 1990 Toyota RV Camper! Located in the Vancouver/Surrey area, this beauty is priced to sell at only $8,800.

Here's what makes this Toyota RV Camper a compelling find:

  • Low Mileage: Believe it or not, this RV only has 41,000 kilometers (around 25,500 miles) on the odometer! That's incredibly low for a vehicle of this age.
  • Clean Title: No clouded history here! This Toyota RV boasts a clean title, giving you peace of mind.
  • Automatic Transmission: Hit the open road with ease thanks to the convenient automatic transmission.
  • Gas-Powered: Fueling up is a breeze with this gas-powered engine.
  • Good Condition Interior: Despite sitting for a while, the interior appears to be in good shape. No leaks were spotted, just some expected dust and dirt from disuse.
  • Slumber Queen Comfort: Rest assured (literally!) with the included Slumber Queen sleeping arrangements – perfect for cozy nights under the stars.

Full Transparency:
Seller recently acquired this RV along with a property purchase. The previous owner, sadly, passed away a few years back, leaving the RV unused. While I'm not an RV expert myself, I was told by my realtor that it was running when last moved.

Calling All RV Enthusiasts!
This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who appreciates classic Toyota RVs and is handy with a bit of TLC. Mechanics and car enthusiasts are also welcome!

Serious Inquiries Only:
If you're a genuine adventurer looking for a reliable and charming RV companion, please send a message. Lowball offers and the incurious need not apply. Let's get this beauty back on the road and creating new memories!

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