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Vintage Trailer, 1955 Empire Camping Trailer

Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 1955 Empire Camping Trailer

If you one of them who often talk and imagine about finding a vehicle that conjures up memories as kids during summer vacation trips, and when the Hotwheels and Matchbox diecasts bring it back summer memories with its camper models and for some reason you will hunt. You're the correct target as a potential reader for this post, perhaps a vintage camping trailer as follows will make tempting you to make it happen, a classic setup as a goal on real live.

1955 Empire Camping Trailer

As you've seen here is an vintage camping trailer made by Empire in 1955 has 15 ft long was listed in Craigslist for $8500 located in Los Angeles, California. Describe is good condition overall inside and out. It very light camper is possible to pulled by your classic car, that's could be a perfect classic set very fun to see his pulled by Ghia or other old cars goes to lake on summer.