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Rare Vintage RV, 1968 Ultra Van Motorhome

Rare Vintage RV, 1968 Ultra Van Motorhome for sale

Found a unique RV that was built in the late 50s by professional aircraft designer David Peterson. He created this RV when he couldn't bring the boat during the RVing season because pulling a travel trailer. In 1959, the Chevy Corvair was offered on the market and he buy one to take in a large garage he rented previously, and four months later the first Ultra Van was born.

Rare Vintage RV, 1968 Ultra Van Motorhome

A Corvair has evolved into a class A motorhome with about 3,000 pounds in weight, 22 feet long, 8 feet wide with full 6’2″ stand-up headroom, a total of 8′ tall from wheels to the top. It has all amenities as usual Class A RV had, including a large bedroom in the back, a full galley, a bathroom, etc. Finally, David Peterson can bring his boat during the RVing season.

Similar to airplane construction, the Ultra Van is built as a true monocoque structure, without chassis, all constructed with aluminum ribs covered with riveted sheet aluminum all around the body also fiberglass shell for the aerodynamic front and sloppy rear, with those bumpers are made of foam.