Potential Truck Converted Into Adventure RV

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Potential Truck Converted Into Adventure RV

Potential Truck Converted Into Adventure RV

When you're looking a reliable adventure RV and doesn't want to lose much money to invested.... or doesn't want to buy or never satisfied with additional pickup RV on the 4x4 crew cab truck which is featuring very narrow spaces...

Here's a very good info for you, so don't get headache.

How to find a suitable choice...?

Not a lot of information and details that is written in the ad, find it here on Craigslist in Redmond, Washington looking for $14950 posted about 19 days ago. As we've seen here, it's a Unimog S 404 Messwagen 1970 model year ready to go. Overall the truck looks quite nice with original condition, and everything is said to work as well and looks like a potential candidate for conversion.

Yes this is a multi-purpose medium truck made by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz was called the Unimog, originally designed to be used in agriculture as opener forest land, it came with permanent all-wheel drive, has very high ground clearance with equal-size wheels, in order to be faster than standard farm tractors when is driven on the roads and is able to through terrain that is not passable by tractors or regular cars. The minus is are not designed to carry as much load as regular trucks and only 60 or 70 mph at top speeds so it very easy overtaken by sports cars on the highway. Due to their high off-road capabilities, not surprised if they are also used by military, rescue and expedition.

So it could be the best choice as to be adventure RV, of course with extra space and reasonable expenses. If you're interested please read more detail below.

1970 Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404
VIN: 404.114-054.549
fuel: gas
odometer: 18063
title status: clean
transmission: manual

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Owner Says
1970 Unimog S 404
Vin# 404.114-054.549
Has Mercedes m180 2.2L engine
Very clean in and out.
Has been in storage for past 10 years.
Runs and drives well.


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