Howard Hughes Travel Trailer

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1941 Howard Hughes Travel Trailer

One And Only, Rare Vintage Camper Trailer 1941 Howard Hughes

Here we found this extremely rare vintage camper trailer with a unique shape, similar to an Aircraft shape in its era, also made with the same materials, called aluminum. As we've seen here it comes from the WWII era, built in 1941 by the famous person Howard Hughes personally, is said that's the only. If you need biography detail about Howard Hughes please ask Google.

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The 1941 Howard Hughes Travel Trailer is a very interesting trailer for RV enthusiasm especially for a fan of Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. It already offered on eBay for $12700 sold by Airstreamsupply, I think that's would be seriously cool as a collector item rather than a trailer with its actual function.

The condition is not so good overall but is not so far from perfect, needs a carpenter, plumber, electrician, and body expert for help.

Howard Hughes Travel Trailer
Condition: Used
Year: 1941
Model: Howard Hughes
Make: Hughes Aircraft
Paint color: Aluminum (No paint)
Interior color: Wood (Brown)
Class: Camper Trailer
Size: 25 Feet

Seller Says
This is the famous Howard Hughes trailer. It was likely inspired by Airstream from that era but with Howard Hughes' personal touch. This trailer is truly one of a kind, there has never been another made like this. This fact makes this a fantastic addition to any serious collection. Whether you're a fan of vintage travel trailers or a fan of Howard Hughes this is the trailer for you. This is not Airstream.

This trailer was built and owned by the eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes. The manufacture of trailers like this one would have normally been halted since the materials used would have been earmarked for the war effort but former Hughes employees say that quite a few sheets of aluminum, as well as other materials, made it out the back door for this trailer. At 25 feet, it is at the limit of being a true travel trailer. Despite it’s size this trailer tows remarkably well thanks to a clever two-wheeled hydraulically assisted dolly like system in the front, which is actually the strut from a B-29 bomber. This trailer was equipped with a full bath, which was very unusual for the time. Other amenities are mahogany paneling and a humpback trunk. Only Serious Buyers. Please contact Intermountain Airstream with any questions.


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