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Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV

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Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV for sale

Found this a unique 4x4 Expedition RV based on the Austrian all terrain vehicle is very rare in US that was made by Steyr Puch in 70s. It has many similarities with the Mercedes Unimog, very slow and weak than the regular trucks only 55 miles/hour for top speed, less than 1 ton for maximum load capacity.

Are designed to be reliable and tough in any weather and terrain with highly off-road capabilities as the main focus, therefore Steyr mostly used by military and rescue or expedition.

Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV

As you've seen here is 1973 Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV has been driven about 10000, powered by diesel engine is said good condition overall, that was looking for a new owner. Found this one being offered for sale in Craigslist located in Phoenix, Arizona asking $40000.

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Seller Says
Steyr Puch all wheel drive expedition RV. The truck is a diesel, 6 cyl. 6.0 Litre 5 speed high and low gears, differential locks, you can choose 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. Around 10 000 miles (17000 km). Made in the same factory as Pinzgauer and Halfinger. It's pretty much like a Unimog. Runs great. No rust. Gas milage about 12 to 14 miles per gallon. Maximum speed 55 miles/hour.

The truck has a unique box on the back (aluminum sandwich panelling with insulation) made by Hess AG in Switzerland. It used to be a workshop equipped with heavy duty drawers and solid hardwood table tops, much of which has been incorporated into the RV. The drawers are Lista brand, guaranteed for life.

120 litres diesel tank and two 20 litre jerrycans.
Water tank capacity : 2 tanks, 175 litres each, total of 350 litres (about 100 US gallons)
Electric installation: 4 solar panels, 100 watts each connected through an MPPT solar charge controller on four 6 volt golf cart batteries.
Waeco compressor fridge that runs on electricity, Stabylex 1200 watt power inverter, Elegna electric water heater, 4 ceiling ventilators (option to suck air in or push out), LED lights with dimmers, electronic control panel.
Webasto diesel air heater (source is the vehicle's diesel tank) heating through air ducts and also heated flooring.
Thetford 3 burner propane stove, Dometic propane oven, two 20 lbs propane tanks.
Shower, compost toilets.
5 double insulated windows, 6 double insulated skylights/port holes.
Tools included with the vehicle, see photo. Comes with 2 heavy duty tables stored between cabin and box (they were used as worktop tables).
Fiama awning.


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