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Looking A Owner, Provan Astro Tiger GT 4X4 RV

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Light Adventure RV, 1987 Provan Astro Tiger GT 4X4 RV For Sale

Found this nice 4x4 RV being offered for sale by owner at Craigslist for $18000 located in Oceanside, California, it could be a perfect RV to accommodate adventure lifestyle. As shown here is 1987 Provan Astro GT Tiger comes with 4x4 drive, highly ground clearance make easier to passing an roughly track.

Provan Astro Tiger GT 4X4 RV

It's a unique and rare class C RV based on 1987 Chevrolet Astro van chassis and drivetrain comes with top pop camper. Hard to find today especially in this condition, near 31 years old with 133000 miles on it, the RV still in great shape overall.

It's a true 4x4 with high and low range, not AWD, runs great. Solid front axle with hi and low range transfer case. Be prepared for lots of thumbs ups and lots of attention when you travel in this! This is the ultimate expedition rig, perfect for backcountry camping.

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Owner Says
Very cool, rare, compact 4X4 RV. If you are not familiar with these please some research prior to contacting. If your interested send a phone number and I will get back to you. $18,000

1987 4x4 Provan Astro Tiger GT, not to be confused with AWD. 133,000 miles. At the time of build in 87 it received a 4X4 conversion performed by Four Wheel Drive Engineering Inc, this was a $4,300 option. Dana 30 front axle and ford bronco transfer case. The RV body is square aluminum framing and skinned in aluminum on the outside. Walls are insulated and paneled on the inside. Sleeps four. This unit was ordered without a shower/toilet. 16' long, 7' 2" tall, 6'3" interior standing height and 6' 10" at its widest point.

Original paint (some patina), no accidents and unmolested. Fits in a regular parking spot, in most garages and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Power by the Chevy V6 motor, automatic transmission, manual shift transfer case, manual front hubs and optional transmission cooler. Cruise control, front disk/rear drum brakes. No rust and affordable parts.

This has been my hobby/project since July 2016. I have the original RV systems manuals and some documentation prior to my ownership. This is a no rust vehicle. 95% of its life was spent in the dry state of Texas. I am the third owner. I have done most of the dirty work, you are getting an excellent platform ready for you to personalize.

Currently I drive it regularly, always starts with no issues, tires have 95% tread remaining. No fluids leaking. Hundreds of hours and many $$$ spent to rehab items unique to Astro Tigers. All parts have been AC Delco whenever possible. All hardware and fasteners I used are stainless steel or aluminum. Receipts included.

New Group 27 AMG house battery, solenoid and circuit breaker. New blower fan for cab Heat/AC. New propane regulator. All RV systems work as they should. Fridge, it lights and starts to get cold I am told they need 12-24 hours to completely chill.
Tune up including plugs, cap, rotor, plug wires, ignition coil, ignition module, PCV valve, air filter, fuel filter. Passed Calif. smog and registered in Calif, Tags expire August 2018.

Replaced fuel filler neck, fuel filler hose and vent hose so its good to go for another thirty years! Dropped the fuel tank to installed new Delphi fuel pump/hanger assembly/sending unit and all associated rubber hoses and evaporation lines.

Cleaned the underside, rehabbed or replaced any of the wood sub-floor needed (this one was in good shaped and only required reinforcing to about 10% of the wooden sub-floor) re-caulked and sealed from underneath. 3M rubberized protectant applied on exposed metal floor underneath vehicle.

Pop Top: New front lift panel (including new stainless steel spring loaded hinge), added lifting struts front and rear (not needed after lift panel rebuild so they are currently removed but included), seam sealed pop top canvas.

Inner rear wheel well liners where originally made out of tin that typically corrode, causing the associated well supports to fail and some minor deterioration on the exterior aluminum skin in the wheel wells. This has all been rehabbed, reinforced and new aluminum liners installed.

I just purchased a belt for the cab AC and recharged the system.

Cruise control, Original front seats replaced with Honda Odyssey Captain seats. I am sure I am forgetting additional miscellaneous replaced items. Car Fax available dated at the time of my purchase.

Known issues:
Rear window and Tail light assemblies should be resealed. (inexpensive to do just haven't had the time) Headliner in cab is sagging a bit. Could use new shocks. Some dimple impressions from hail on the roof, not uncommon for these or Four Wheel Campers which also have aluminum roofs. Some minor projects still left to do.

This is a full disclosure sale, I will share everything I know with the buyer. I do not think you can find a nicer 4x4 Astro GT at this price. No trades, no joy rides and yes if the listing is still up its still available. Congratulations if you read all this!!


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