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Westfalia SO42 Factory Camper

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Westfalia SO42 Factory Camper For Sale

Found this one at craigslist being offered for sale by owner looking for $18900 located in Highland park. As shown here is second example of the Westfalia SO42 Factory Campers in our blog was listed about 12 days ago at craigslist and still online today when we writing here. This an original 1966 Volkswagen SO42 Camper come with new top and new motor.

Westfalia SO42 Factory Camper

The original pop top has replaced by new top, and the inside was touched by renovated but mostly still with original interior. The owner claimed is runing condition with a new 1776 motor, but not shown by photos, so if interested you should come to closer inspection for sure condition.

CHECK OUT: Original 1967 Volkswagen Westfalia SO42

Seller Says
This is a 1966 VW factory Westfalia camper with all the bells and whistles. It has a Gilmore enterprises AIR CONDITIONING. Ball joint beam with brake upgrade. It has a new motor 1776 very high dollar build. Full circle crank, fly cut case, all the machine work was done by Steve's in Azusa. bus that Is a mostly original interior and so I fixed up the rust that was around the bottom the cargo floor is new, the wiring harness is new and professionally installed with 12v. It runs and drives and is registered. Needs paint and front seat upholstery.but is poly primed and ready to go. I am trying to get some $ for a down payment on a house so I will be taking any reasonable offer. Clean ca title current registration, drive away


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