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Skin off Restoration, 1966 Aristocrat Travelier

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Skin off Restoration, 1966 Aristocrat Travelier for sale

What's a small and cute thing to fill fun, and if you're too inspired to live outside of your routine life on the weekend with no radical move or huge fund needed, quite possibly the perfect camper in its size category will fill your mind. And this must be on your radar, a 1966 Aristocrat Travelier, which was recently offered for sale by the owner, it has been skin off restoration four years ago.

Skin off Restoration, 1966 Aristocrat Travelier Trailer

Aristocrat Camper started in the business of building small camper trailers in the 50s to 70s. It became a hit due to the combination of several factors: an aluminum body skin that was durable and lightweight, a low towing weight, a compact interior, and a very retro-cute exterior design.

The company was quite successful, during its operational period Aristocrat successfully sold more than 170,000 trailer units and was declared to be the market leader in the small trailer segment in the 1960s, and was once the world's largest RV manufacturer. One of the reasons for this success was the garageable low profile which was a low-height travel trailer that could be fit into most garages.

The trailers were all built as wood-framed with an aluminum skin as was the convention at the time. This makes them very restorable but also quite susceptible to water intrusion. Furthermore, the I-beam frames and asphalt undercoating means the sturdy build makes for a more logical restoration project.

1966 Aristocrat Travelier Trailer For Sale

It's the 1966 Aristocrat Travelier trailer, offered for sale on Craigslist was listed about 19 days ago and is still online when we posted it here. You can see right away that it's still cute and vintage-looking but now offers several upgrades and fresh inside that make the space cozier and, because of it, suitable for extended stays at camp. The exterior is also freshly white with turquoise stripes paint job, which matches the interior color scheme.

The couch, bunk above and, dinette that seats four, a nice sized pantry, a large closet with space for a portable potty. Perfect for sleeping two adults with three children. It's still a very compact space, but you could really put together a decent meal in here with some careful planning, organizing, and help. Additional storage is now found up top and outside.

Although all angles are unrepresented in the photos, a few of the photos offer a good look at the updated interior. The Aristocrat is an excellent camper for those looking for a small and lightweight towable for their weekend adventures. In this light, the restoration and update of the skin is carried out only for rejuvenation purposes and mostly still retains the original floor plan.

This 1966 Aristocrat Travelier trailer, is up for sale for $11,000, so wishing you were reading this while over your coffee so can easily digest the idea of comfort and convenience in an RV, affordable or too expensive, is own your decision.


1966 Aristocrat Travelier Trailer

condition: like new
cylinders: other
fuel: other
paint color: white
rv type: travel trailer
size / dimensions: 14'
title status: clean
transmission: other

Owner Says
Skin off Restoration #4 years ago Has single stage automotive paint and turquoise stripes. Has exterior storage space. New Birch wood paneling. Newer electrical 30 amp breaker box. New 110v and 12v wiring .Has original vintage lights and new LED lights @12v plug in .Has newer 2- Lp tanks and newer RV battery. Has couch and bunk above and dinette that seats 4.Can sleep 2 adults and 3 children. Has nice sized Pantry & Large closet with space for a portable potty ( trailer comes with brand New one ). One year travel trailer tires. Has electric brakes tows great . Weight is #2240 Clear Washington State title. Trailer comes with a Memory book showing all repairs and work done-book goes with the trailer.

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