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1957 Airfloat Cruiser 27' Travel Trailer

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Iconic 1957 Airfloat Cruiser 27' Travel Trailer Looking For A New Owner

Found this vintage Travel Trailer offered for auction on eBay in Ventura, California. As shown here is a unique 27' travel trailer made by Airfloat Coach Manufacturing Co, Los Angeles, California, coming from of final production year before the manufacturer permanently closed. You will never see it in the camp zone today, with 27’ length, 8’ height, and 9’6” width, weight: 4,670, tandem axle, and drawbar load of 500 lbs. If you're looking for an iconic travel trailer to match your classic cars and sleep six comfortably? this perfect.

1957 Airfloat Cruiser 27' Travel Trailer

Built in 1957 it's an Airfloat Cruiser model, well-maintained, everything is in excellent condition for its age, and it's ready for a new owner. The trailer was listed about a month ago and the auction ended a few days ago, with about $50,000 for the last bid of 51 bids.

Is believed Airfloat production started in 1935 and ended in 1957 and the factory location is in Los Angeles, California. In its day, this enormous trailer was the pinnacle of elegance and amenities in travel trailers in the 1950s.

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1957 Airfloat Cruiser 27' Travel Trailer
condition: excellent
paint color: gold
size / dimensions: 27 x 8 x 9'6"
rv type: travel trailer
title status: clean
transmission: other

Owner Says
This Iconic 1957 Airfloat Cruiser, 27' is currently up for auction on eBay ending on Sunday, July 9th.

Please see the auction to view the current bid and participate in the auction here:


For further, more detailed photos, please see:



A piece of Hollywood history could be yours!

This extremely rare 1957 Airfloat Cruiser, with its unmistakable anodized gold exterior, is a star of print and screen, making numerous appearances in the critically acclaimed film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kurt Russell.

Imagine owning the very same trailer that Brad Pitt casually leaned near in his golf cart, or where DiCaprio and Russell shared their on-screen moments. Other Hollywood appearances include a Vanity Fair spread with Angelina Jolie, and the television series, Feud, with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange.

MOST RECENT VIDEO OF THE TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/836386315?share=copy


Just like Airstream, Airfloats were manufactured in Los Angeles, California by the Airfloat Coach Manufacturing Company but it was Airfloats, the distinctive yacht-like trailers, that captured the eye of Hollywood. James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor called their Airfloats home on the set of Giant in 1955, Rosalind Russell enjoyed her own Airfloat star trailer, and an Airfloat the original inspiration for the movie The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in a book of the same name by Clinton Twiss.

Because of the association with that film and book, this Airfloat Cruiser was named “Lucy.” It is a 27’ dual-axle park trailer that was acquired by the seller from a property clear-out in 2004, after which it underwent a four-year restoration begun by the seller and finished by Wayne Butters of Iowa Boys, a vintage trailer specialist in North Hollywood, CA, with additional finish work by Steven Butcher, a vintage trailer specialist in Fillmore, CA.

The Airfloat trailer coach is one of the oldest names in the history of American trailer coach manufacturing and one of the most expensive post-war trailers you could buy. Omar Suttles, the owner/builder, describes his trailers as “A home on wheels, built to live in.” Airfloats are “space engineered” to be aerodynamic for a more stable drive. The large “see all” windows on the front, back and sides give greater visibility for towing as you can see all the way through the trailer from the tow vehicle. These windows also add a lot of natural light to the luxurious interior. Omar Suttles patented a cooling/heating system for the trailer using round, aluminum “top hat” roof ventilators which allow air to either escape or be trapped by sliding panels to either heat or cool the trailer. The interior is ¼” Philippine Mahogany and starting in 1955, in celebration of Airfloat’s silver anniversary, the company began to offer an optional “deluxe finish” described in brochures as a “’Lifetime Golden Finish’ the anodized golden finish never fades, is protected from Salt-Air, Sun, and Elements.” In 1956, Suttles sold the Airfloat Coach Manufacturing Company and retired, but there isn’t any evidence of any Airfloats made after 1957.

Being built in 1957 and last in the line of Airfloat trailers, Lucy is extremely rare. As far as the seller is aware, this is the only anodized gold 27’ Airfloat Cruiser in existence and one of very few Airfloats that have been restored.

Between 2004 and 2008, this Airfloat Cruiser underwent a frame-off restoration that preserved its historical integrity while integrating modern conveniences. Work included an entirely new wooden frame that meticulously replicates the original 27-ply laminated plywood bows. New insulation, flooring, 110v (only) electrical and plumbing was added. Repairs to the exterior metalwork included a new, seamless roof skin, replacement of the flat anodized gold exterior skin panels that curve from the roof in the front and back of the trailer, the outer door was rehung, and a new inner screen door was patterned from the original. New gaskets and weatherproofing were added around the doors and windows. Interior work included replacement of ceiling and walls with Birch stained and varnished to match the original cabinets, which still remain, except for the upper kitchen cabinets that were rebuilt patterned on the original. Wooden window blinds were added throughout, and the original laminate floor was replaced with period-correct cork flooring.

For your comfort, the trailer comes equipped with a Precision Temp RV500 Instant On-Demand Water Heater, and Duo-Therm air conditioning, ensuring you’ll enjoy the vintage experience without compromising on contemporary comforts.

Interior features include in the spacious living area: the original divan, currently covered in green corduroy by the art director of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, that converts into a full-side bed (please note that some photos in the listing show a previous fabric on the divan). A secretary/china hutch with scroll-cut detail on the doors that converts into both a writing desk with storage cubbies, and to a dining table that includes two leaves that expand to fit up to seven people. The table folds completely away for more floor room. There is storage for the extra leaves behind the hutch and a clothes hamper hidden near the divan. There are three porthole vents in the ceiling for ventilation.

The kitchen features: the original double sink, an anodized gold kitchen countertop to match the exterior, the original Dixie stove and 110v General Electric refrigerator with pink interior, manual, and icetrays. Both appliances are painted burgundy from the original salmon color.

The bedroom features: the original bedside vanity with lamp, a twin-sized bed with an aluminum frame (please note that some photos show an earlier configuration of the bedroom space containing an office and vanity), and period dimmable light fixtures. The original thermostat and floor furnace remain for authenticity but are not functional.

The bathroom has apartment-sized fixtures, with a porcelain tank-flush toilet with original seat, lid and hardware, and original sink. Both fixtures are fitted with visible copper plumbing. The shower has its original anodized gold walls and the shower floor with bench, painted with black enamel and a working exhaust fan.

The trailer was fitted with new wheels and polished beauty rings, wheel bearings were repacked, and the drum brakes and axles were refreshed. The trailer has electric brakes, but the original braking system was left on the tongue for authenticity.

As much of the original wood has been preserved in the restoration, there are some superficial defects commensurate with the trailer’s age (please see photos). The seller chose not to repair these blemishes as they serve as a testament to the Cruiser’s rich history and authenticity, and this paid off -- this authentic look became a favorite among art directors for film and photo shoots, earning the seller a substantial income.

The bedroom initially had two twin beds with the bedroom vanity between. There have been many configurations since the restoration, including an office with a large vanity area (as shown in photos), or after removing the vanity, a queen-sized bed was placed in the rear. The current set-up is a twin bed with a space to add a desk curbside.

The initial trailer restorer did not properly seal the windows, resulting in some surface level, minor, aesthetic-only water intrusion, however, recognizing the issue, the trailer was promptly taken to Steven Butcher, who built custom window flashings and installed new seals, solving the issue. Evidence of this water intrusion is presented in the photos.

The cork flooring that was installed wasn’t sealed so there is noticeable wear in walkways. Please see included photos for other minor cosmetic blemishes.

The tires are serviceable, and the exterior has a few dings and bows (pictured) but the trailer shows extremely well. One of the porthole window frames is dented, a replacement Airfloat window frame is included in the sale. A small further investment would make this trailer showroom quality.

Included in the sale is: a call sheet from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a lipstick from the Feud set, agreements and invoices, the Sunbrella awning, poles and ropes, vintage aluminum stabilizer jacks, anti-sway towing system, custom-made gold covers for the round windows, a custom twin talalay organic latex mattress, an original copy of the book The Long, Long Trailer, images, sketches, and invoices from stages of the project, the black panther lamp with fiberglass lampshade and other props shown in the video (link below), and a reproduction ad for the 1957 Airfloat Cruiser. Not included is the bamboo picture frame and photo.

Original specs: 27’ x 8’ x 9’6”, weight: 4,670, tandem axle, sold for $4,895, drawbar load 500 lbs.

This stunning piece of vintage Americana is offered in Ventura, California with a clean title in the seller’s name. Identification number 7271041 is stamped on the tongue. The trailer is registered through July 2023 with a yellow 1956 California plate with a 1957 sticker.

Step into a piece of Hollywood history, embrace the spirit of vintage travel, and let this iconic Airfloat Cruiser take you on a journey like no other. Inquiries are welcome. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity!

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