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Dodge Chinook Motorhome: A Classic on Wheels Ready for New Adventures

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1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome. 18ft Fully Equiped, Runs Great!

Are you in the market for a classic motorhome that combines nostalgia with modern functionality? Look no further than the 1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome. Priced at $26,000 and located in scenic San Clemente, this motorhome offers a unique blend of retro charm and contemporary conveniences, making it a perfect choice for road trip enthusiasts and RV lovers alike.

1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome for Sale

For those seeking a unique blend of nostalgia and functionality on the open road, the 1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome beckons with its timeless charm and surprising versatility. This meticulously refurbished gem offers a compelling alternative to modern camper vans, promising an unforgettable adventure on your own terms.

Timeless Design and Build

Built to Last: A Fiberglass Fortress. Unlike its modern counterparts, the 1974 Dodge Chinook boasts a seamless, one-piece fiberglass body. This ingenious design eliminates the worries of rust and leaks, a common concern for traditional campers. Its compact size, at just 18 feet, allows for effortless maneuvering and the convenience of fitting into regular parking spots – a feat impossible for most modern RVs. The white exterior paint, newly refreshed, adds a clean and appealing look that is sure to turn heads on the road.


The white exterior paint, newly refreshed, adds a clean and appealing look that is sure to turn heads on the road.

Restored to Perfection: A Testament to Care. This particular 1974 Chinook has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, ensuring it's ready for countless adventures to come. The gleaming white exterior paint job and the fresh interior exude a sense of renewal, and elevate the comfort factor. Reconditioned counters and new batteries further solidify the meticulous attention to detail poured into this classic camper van.

Spacious and Functional Interior

Spacious Comfort: An Open Invitation to Relaxation. Step inside the Chinook and discover a haven designed for maximum comfort. The open floor plan creates a sense of airiness, while the spacious layout defies the limitations of its size. A comfortable couch beckons for relaxation, while ample storage compartments, including a wardrobe, ensure everything has its designated place. The high clearance adds to the Chinook's functionality, allowing you to explore terrains less traveled by conventional RVs. The Chinook is also equipped with three roof vents and large windows, ensuring excellent ventilation and plenty of natural light.


The interior has been meticulously refurbished, boasting new paint, flooring, and vinyl leather front seats. The reconditioned counters and newly installed batteries add to the overall functionality and convenience. Essential amenities such as a double sink with tap, a Dometic refrigerator, and a bathroom with a toilet and battery-powered shower make this motorhome fully equipped for extended trips.

Inside view

Natural Light and Unmatched Views. Large windows grace the sides of the Chinook, bathing the interior in natural light and fostering a connection with the outdoors. This design element not only brightens the living space but also amplifies the feeling of freedom and connection with nature also save battery – a cornerstone of the RV experience.

bed and bunk

The Perfect Night's Sleep: Convertible Bedding Solutions. The comfortable couch cleverly transforms into a spacious bed, providing a restful haven at the end of a long day of exploration. A large sleeping area strategically positioned above the cab offers additional sleeping arrangements or can be used for extra storage.


Minor Cosmetic Touches: A Chance to Make it Yours. While mechanically sound and impeccably refurbished, the Chinook presents a delightful opportunity for a personal touch. The curtains, while functional, could be replaced with a design that reflects your style. This minor cosmetic upgrade allows you to add your own stamp to this timeless classic.


Bathroom Bliss: A Touch of Home on the Road. For added convenience, the Chinook features a bathroom with a toilet and a battery-powered shower. This thoughtful inclusion eliminates the need for frequent campground visits, offering the comfort of a private facility on the go.


Climate Control and Entertainment: Creature Comforts Beckon. Factory insulation ensures year-round comfort, while three roof vents provide ample air circulation. Window screens keep pesky insects at bay, and a stereo with rear speakers ensures you can enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising down the highway. Interior outlets provide power for essential appliances, keeping you connected even in the remotest locations.

Safety and Stability: Built for the Long Haul. Power steering and disc brakes contribute to a safe and controlled driving experience, while the dually rear wheels enhance stability, especially on long highway stretches. The automatic transmission ensures a smooth ride, and the meticulous servicing of the brakes and engine guarantees a peace of mind that's priceless on the open road.

Fully Equipped Oasis: Convenience at Your Fingertips. The 1974 Dodge Chinook isn't just a place to sleep; it's a self-contained mobile haven. Built-in tanks provide ample fresh water storage, while the plumbing ensures functionality. A functional double sink with a tap caters to your basic needs, and the Dometic refrigerator keeps your food fresh. The presence of a wardrobe and storage compartments ensures you can bring along all the essentials for your adventure.


Ready for Anything: Hookups and Onboard Tanks. The 1974 Dodge Chinook comes equipped with power and water hookups, allowing you to seamlessly connect to campground facilities when needed. Built-in propane and black and grey tanks provide further functionality, ensuring you have everything required for a comfortable off-grid experience. An auxiliary battery provides additional power, making this Chinook a true go-anywhere adventure machine.

Reliable and Powerful Performance

Mechanical Marvel: Reliable Dodge Engineering. Under the hood lies the legendary Dodge 360 engine, renowned for its reliability and straightforward mechanics. Free from complicated electronics, this engine is a mechanic's dream, ensuring repairs and maintenance are a breeze. With readily available parts, thanks to its shared platform with many classic Mopars, keeping this Chinook on the road is both simple and cost-effective.

Paired with an automatic transmission. With only 93,000 original miles, this motorhome runs excellently. Noteworthy mechanical updates include a rebuilt carburetor, a new starter, and new dual exhaust and mufflers. The power steering and power disk brakes, along with the dually rear wheels, provide stability and smooth handling, making freeway driving a breeze. Ready for the Road

This motorhome is not just about looks and comfort; it is also mechanically sound. Recent services include a serviced master cylinder and brake lines, new batteries, and a thoroughly inspected and tuned engine. The built-in tanks, including a 30-gallon fresh water tank, along with plumbing and built-in propane, ensure that you are self-sufficient on your travels. Power and water hookups, built-in black and grey tanks, and auxiliary batteries add to the convenience. A Great Investment

Considering its excellent condition, extensive refurbishments, and classic appeal, the 1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome is a great investment for those looking to embrace the RV lifestyle. Its ability to fit into a regular parking spot makes it more versatile compared to larger RVs and small camper vans. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or a weekend getaway, this motorhome is ready to provide a memorable and comfortable experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this beautifully maintained classic motorhome. It’s rare to find a vehicle of this vintage in such good condition, and with a clean California title and smog exemption, the buying process is straightforward. For more details or to arrange a viewing, call or text 949-795-3288. Embark on new adventures with the 1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome, where classic charm meets modern convenience.

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