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Dodge Chinook Motorhome: A Classic on Wheels Ready for New Adventures

1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome. 18ft Fully Equiped, Runs Great!

Are you in the market for a classic motorhome that combines nostalgia with modern functionality? Look no further than the 1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome. Priced at $26,000 and located in scenic San Clemente, this motorhome offers a unique blend of retro charm and contemporary conveniences, making it a perfect choice for road trip enthusiasts and RV lovers alike.

1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome for Sale

For those seeking a unique blend of nostalgia and functionality on the open road, the 1974 Dodge Chinook Motorhome beckons with its timeless charm and surprising versatility. This meticulously refurbished gem offers a compelling alternative to modern camper vans, promising an unforgettable adventure on your own terms.

Nicely RV Project, 1977 Toyota Chinook

1977 Toyota Chinook RV Project

Nicely RV project for sale, 1977 Toyota Chinook

As shown here is 1977 Toyota Chinook RV, found this one was listed in Craigslist for $1800 located in South Seattle. This is an interesting model with the futuristic and unusual shape, a class C RV unique for its era, currently it became one of the collectible vintage RV models for collectors. Said to be complete and solid, still with its original drivetrain, paint, and engine, the RV runs and drives really well seems has a lot potential to restored.