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Try to find a nature or wild lives with a small charming house on the wheels

1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper

Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper

RVing season is coming!, flock RV was out of each storage and away from the town crowds, some in groups some was alone, all seek a peace with nature.

Some of you might so hard to accept when the RVing season comes and doesn't have one to roll out. For some not a big deal they goes to RV & Camper rentals office and done, but for the rest could try to find some. Check this out probably good for have own.

1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper

Here's found this one in Craigslist a vintage camper trailer looks perfect to own, that was made by Serro Scotty were has a long-running history in the construction of travel trailers, built in 1972 is a trunkback model of the Hi-lander Camper I guessing it has about 18' long 7' wide ready to offered. Asking $1800 is said good overall but still need some work to get ready traveling.