1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper

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Vintage Camper Trailer For Sale, 1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper

RVing season is coming!, flock RV was out of each storage and away from the town crowds, some in groups some was alone, all seek a peace with nature.

Some of you might so hard to accept when the RVing season comes and doesn't have one to roll out. For some not a big deal they goes to RV & Camper rentals office and done, but for the rest could try to find some. Check this out probably good for have own.

1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper

Here's found this one in Craigslist a vintage camper trailer looks perfect to own, that was made by Serro Scotty were has a long-running history in the construction of travel trailers, built in 1972 is a trunkback model of the Hi-lander Camper I guessing it has about 18' long 7' wide ready to offered. Asking $1800 is said good overall but still need some work to get ready traveling.

1972 Serro Scotty Hi-lander Camper Trailer
condition: good
size / dimensions: 18' x 7'

Owner Says
Vintage 1972 Serro Scotty Hilander Camper! I believe it sleeps 6, maybe more if you are cozy. I took this in on a trade and know noting about campers other than Serro Scotty campers are vintage and collectible. It will need some work. Looks like original houndstooth/floral reversible cushions on the left bunk, lazy boy mattress for top bunk is seen in photo on lower on top of houndstooth probably for added comfort. Table is dropped down and booth bench cushions seem to be missing. It does not leak as far as I know. It rained bad Saturday night and all day today, no water in camper. That is a good sign. Original sink and stove, really nothing has been altered other than some silicone calking I can see. IT WILL NEED WORK, you be the judge on what work it needs. All painted up for your outings. Clear title. Pulls like a dream. Harrison County, Freeport, OH SE of Columbus a few hours. Ask questions, but be mindful I do not know squat about campers. Listing here before eBay. Also Crossposted. Be prepared to come and see.


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