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1957 Spartan Executive Mansion

1957 Spartan Executive Mansion

Rare Vintage, 1957 Spartan Executive Mansion For Sale

We found this one antique Spartan Executive Mansion trailer offered by the Spartan Aircraft Company in the 50s. It's a unique trailer, built in 1957 is 45 feet long, currently sold as a project, and it could be the perfect bone to be restored. The exterior looks cool and in great shape, but serious interior work is needed, maybe a nice backyard office, a charming small home, or bring it back to as it should be, all is the potential to fit as you want to be.

The Spartan was listed on Craigslist about a few days ago and was online when we posted it here. All look promising in photos without words about major issues. If you're interested, coming closer is a must to avoid miss calculation.

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Vintage Royal Spartanette Trailer

Rare Vintage 1951 Royal Spartanette Trailer

Rare Vintage, 1951 Royal Spartanette Trailer

We found this one in craigslist posted 4 days ago is a vintage long camper trailer made by the Spartan Aircraft Company. Hard to find today built in 1951 it's a Royal Spartanette Trailer having length of about 28-35 feet has been sitting for long time ago without wheels. This could be a seriously cool backyard office, charming small home or bring it back to as it should be, depending on how much work you want to put into it.

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