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Nicely RV Project, 1977 Toyota Chinook

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1977 Toyota Chinook RV Project

Nicely RV project for sale, 1977 Toyota Chinook

As shown here is 1977 Toyota Chinook RV, found this one was listed in Craigslist for $1800 located in South Seattle. This is an interesting model with the futuristic and unusual shape, a class C RV unique for its era, currently it became one of the collectible vintage RV models for collectors. Said to be complete and solid, still with its original drivetrain, paint, and engine, the RV runs and drives really well seems has a lot potential to restored.

1977 Toyota Chinook RV Restoration Project

The seller says it would make a lighter restoration project, though a closer inspection will be needed in order to accurately gauge the extent of rust and works will required.

1977 Toyota Chinook RV Interior

The ad is pretty minimal, and there’s no mention of rust or equitments condition hoped no leaks on the interior so not much rotten. The interior appears to have been a long-unused and neglected, though floors are covered with carpet too much stuff not in the proper place.

1977 Toyota 20R engine

The original 20R straight-four gasoline engine remains in place and is said to run well fitted by a 5 speed manual transmission. No maintenance receipts or other records are available, and apparently unused for long enough.

Owner Says
Selling this camper in order to get room in my yard. The camper runs and drives really well. It still needs to be restored up a bit but its a true collectors camper. The engine is a 20R. The transmission is a 5 speed manual. There is a bath room in side and a stove top. There is room to put a fridge but it does not have one. Most everything else in there already. Take a look at the pictures, and give me a call or text if you are interested.

This is a toyota camper, that is made by chinook. Not sure if it is considered a motor home and RV.


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