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Rare Peugeot J9 Campervan

Rare Peugeot J9 Campervan For Sale

Found this a rare campervan based on a French commercial vehicle 1981 Peugeot J9 it's very unique more than VW Type 2 is unusual you'll see it in UK or Europe especially in North America even in his homeland France.

Rare Peugeot J9 Campervan

Awesome appearance is so neat and clean, seems like you need nothing to enjoy it. The seller claims that are in excellent condition overall inside and out, it could be a remarkable example of the Peugeot J9 campervan was is being offered in the UK. Very fun to see him in the camper park with a perfect look in current condition.

Seller Says
1981 W Reg – Peugeot J9 Campervan – Coach-built and in simply stunning condition. They just don’t exist in this condition even in France and according to Ian Kirkwood of clubpeugeotuk is the best one he knows of.

1600cc Petrol engine and a 4 speed box chug Mater along and he’s a lot nicer to drive than the VW Vans we’ve had in the past. As you can see the condition of the van he is beautiful and everything from the exterior, the interior and the underside is just fab!
Have a peruse of the sections laid out below and it’ll give you a very good overview of the condition and the features of the van. There is has plenty of space, far more than in a VW and it’s very civilised.

Plenty of paperwork in French going back over the years and hand written notes from the old French couple that used to own him. We’ve put him on UK plates and he has a UK V5 and very recent MOT, but the old French plates are still with the van and copies of the Certificate d’immatriculation.

The van has a recent service and also a new Leisure battery.

Ready to go and be enjoyed and someone will have lots of fun this summer with Mater we’re sure.

Value wise you would have to spend double this to get the equivalent VW Bay Window van and this offers something a little different to the crowd.

1953 Westfalia T5 Camping Trailer For Sale

Extremely Rare Camper Trailer For Sale, 1953 Westfalia T5 Camping

Here's we found this one extremely rare camper trailer for sale in Paso Robles, California, it already posted in craigslist about 20 days ago looks still available, the owner claims is one and only ever made by Westfalia is a T5 camping trailer built in 1953 VIN: 50998 has size / dimensions: 141 X 83 X 75 is said good condition overall. That's could be a rare beautiful European small camper trailer it ready to go for $8500 if you interested please read details was provided by current owner below.

Extremely Rare Camper Trailer, 1953 Westfalia T5 Camping

Off-Road RV, Mercedes-Benz 911L 4X4

Off-Road RV, Mercedes-Benz 911L 4X4

Up for Sale Off-Road RV, Mercedes-Benz 911L 4X4

Here's we found this one rare Off-Road RV based on the Germany classic reliable truck produced by Mercedes-Benz. As we've seen here a 911L crew cab 4x4 truck built in 1978, is said to have been traveling all over the world and already back in the US. Located in the Colorado area and it was offered on Craigslist for $58950 and posted about 18 days ago, it still waiting for who's wants to keep it. If you're interested and need more details about this truck please ask the seller directly.

1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home

1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home

For Sale, 1956 Victor Supreme Mobile Home

Found this one on Craigslist posted about 11 days ago, it's a vintage long mobile home offered by Victor Supreme in the 50s. Extremely rare and hard to find today, built in 1956, it's a Victor Supreme Mobile Home, unrevealed its precises dimension, is beautiful but not perfect, and needs a few restoration works to be perfect.

1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer For Sale

1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer For Sale

1967 Red Dale Camper Trailer For Sale

Here's we found this one beautiful vintage small camper trailer made by the Red Dale released in 1967 has 16' long. The seller claim is a perfect size as the travel trailer where is allow to camp at every state and national parks. Finding in Craigslist looking for $6000 posted about 6 days ago, located in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Howard Hughes Travel Trailer

1941 Howard Hughes Travel Trailer

One And Only, Rare Vintage Camper Trailer 1941 Howard Hughes

Here we found this extremely rare vintage camper trailer with a unique shape, similar to an Aircraft shape in its era, also made with the same materials, called aluminum. As we've seen here it comes from the WWII era, built in 1941 by the famous person Howard Hughes personally, is said that's the only. If you need biography detail about Howard Hughes please ask Google.

Vintage Small Travel Trailer, 1959 Mobile Scout

Vintage Small Travel Trailer, 1959 Mobile Scout

Vintage Small Travel Trailer For Sale, 1959 Mobile Scout

Here's we found this one vintage small travel camper trailer made by the Mobile Scout released in 1959 has 15 feet long with rear bed layout comes with ice box, stove and sink. The seller claim is not perfect camper trailer it has many damage both exterior and interior, but is not so far lost you're can seen here. Finding in Craigslist looking for $2000 posted about 12 days ago, located in Del Rio, Texas.

Vintage Royal Spartanette Trailer

Rare Vintage 1951 Royal Spartanette Trailer

Rare Vintage, 1951 Royal Spartanette Trailer

We found this one in craigslist posted 4 days ago is a vintage long camper trailer made by the Spartan Aircraft Company. Hard to find today built in 1951 it's a Royal Spartanette Trailer having length of about 28-35 feet has been sitting for long time ago without wheels. This could be a seriously cool backyard office, charming small home or bring it back to as it should be, depending on how much work you want to put into it.

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1982 Mercedes-Benz 300GD Camper

4WD RV, 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300GD Camper

4WD RV For Sale, 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300GD Camper

This a real adventure RV class C based on one of the best 4x4 vehicles coming from Mercedes-Benz after the UNIMOG, yes it's the G-wagen families or known as the G Class. Originally is developed as a military vehicle and offered as a civilian version categorized as a mid-size four-wheel drive luxury SUV was manufactured by Magna Steyr Puch Austria and sold by Mercedes-Benz.