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Try to find a nature or wild lives with a small charming house on the wheels

Good Base, 1975 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 712

Good base to be an adventurer camper conversion, 1975 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 712m for sale

What will you do if you bought this vehicle...?
The first just as is, it's a coolest off-road toy already.
Secondly make more fun with putting a bed and complete camper equipment into it.

1975 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 712

For me the second option a lot better. This a rare 6x6 Austrian all terrain vehicle commonly known as Pinzgauer 712 it more unique than the 710 4x4 model. It was popular amongst military buyers, designed and developed by Steyr Puch to military use especially for Austrian Army.

Old Diesel Pusher RV Conversion

Old Diesel Pusher RV Conversion, 1948 GM TDH-3610

Found this one on Craigslist, interesting old diesel boost RV conversion based on an extremely rare trainer, only three of which have ever been built by GM, and one of them is being offered here, claims the owner. The 1948 GM TDH-3610 bus was built as a regular transit bus operating in the post-war era, 30 feet long, and still with its original diesel engine backed up by an original automatic transmission. Only 17000 miles since the converted work was done in the past.

Old Diesel Pusher RV Conversion

Not for a poor guy or newbie, this 68-year coach still brings its original 2-stroke 4-71 Detroit Diesel engine, for sure sounds terrific to be heard. "Old Diesel Pusher RV Conversion" is not as cheap as imagined, rarity makes it have value, but as usual older machinery are burning much fuel makes higher operational costs, and is not easy to care for. Hard to find spare parts and workshops that can handle if there are problems during the trip making it less suitable for long journeys in the current or future.

Not like a classic car were out just for fun, gatherings, or event show, more authenticity is more valuable. The motorhome is a completely different thing, you will invest a lot of money and take a long time to modernize this one, but we think is worth it if you're one mechanic expert and want to be different in the parking lot.

Great appearance. It's great to see her running down the highway wearing a lot of modern equipment inside and out, it could be worse if left to languish or rot in the yard. So sad if it happens, hopefully, they will find a camping enthusiast with a big budget and a better sense of interior design so that it is comfortable to live in and doesn't seem as creepy as in the old house, as it looks today.

The Coach was posted about a month ago on Craigslist and is still online when we writing here, for $35000 OBO in Graham, Washington.

1948 GM TDH-3610
condition: excellent
Cylinders: 4 cylinders
Fuel: Diesel
Size / Dimensions: 30'
Transmission: Automatic

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Seller Says
Extremely rare, one of 3 ever made!!
Yes that is correct....its a 1948 GMC COACH. 30' long. 471 economical (12 to 14 MPG) Detroit Diesel (pusher) supercharged 2 stroke, 4 cylinder Two speed automatic transmission, that's a time warp to drive, Has only 17,550 miles since it was FULLY restored. Has a integrated Generac Propane Powered RV Generator with only 104 hrs. on it.


Charming Gypsy Vardo Wagon

Charming Gypsy Vardo Wagon for sale

Found this charming Gypsy Vardo wagon being offered for sale on Craigslist, it's a modern custom-built gypsy vardo that looks great in and out represented by photos, seemed made by an expert hand with the best wood material and nice interior layout makes it interesting to considered by anyone who saw him.

The exterior dominated by white paint is made to avoid the crowd colors, only the entrance section has full colors. The interior looks beautiful with a perfect layout, it retains the natural color of the wood making it so shady and wide.

Charming Gypsy Vardo Wagon

Built in 2016 above a 14' flatbed trailer with all the amenities in it you will get a one-of-a-kind tiny house that you can bring anywhere you like. Able for 4 sleep could be perfect to take on your next gypsy gathering.

Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV

Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV for sale

Found this a unique 4x4 Expedition RV based on the Austrian all terrain vehicle is very rare in US that was made by Steyr Puch in 70s. It has many similarities with the Mercedes Unimog, very slow and weak than the regular trucks only 55 miles/hour for top speed, less than 1 ton for maximum load capacity.

Are designed to be reliable and tough in any weather and terrain with highly off-road capabilities as the main focus, therefore Steyr mostly used by military and rescue or expedition.

Steyr Puch 4x4 Expedition RV

Barn Find Rare 1965 Bluebird Wanderlodge

Barn Find Rare 1965 Bluebird Wanderlodge For Sale

Found a rare vintage American motorhome offered for sale on Craigslist for $12,000 in Portland, Oregon. Sold as an example of a barn find RV, made by Bluebird in 1965 and known as Wanderlodge class A is still in remarkable condition. The motorhome looking for a new owner, over half a century old, but everything still looks promising inside and out.

Barn Find Rare 1965 Bluebird Wonderlodge

Lil Bugger Camper

Small Vintage RV, Lil Bugger Camper For Sale

Here's a rare vintage RV that was built above the Volkswagen Beetle drivetrain, well-known as the Lil Bugger Camper. While an assortment of chassis has been used to support motorhome designs through the years, this doesn't seem like something you've seen often. The shape looks a bit odd for now, but that's could be perfect for an eccentric old camper enthusiast. Found this one being offered for sale on Craigslist for $8500 located in Seattle Washington.

Lil Bugger Camper

Completely Restored 1957 Ford Motorhome

Completely Restored, 1957 Ford Motorhome For Sale

Found this one in Craigslist looking for new owner located in Miami Gardens. As shown here is antique Ford Motorhome very old over half of century for age it was built in 1957, like back from the dead it has been totally restored since 2003 and complete in this year. No ide what kind model was named, seems like one of kind the American motorhome with aluminum styled. Very unique and rare motorhome, that's could be unusually model at the RV parks and you'd not see often.

Completely Restored 1957 Ford Motorhome

Rare Vintage RV, 1968 Ultra Van Motorhome

Rare Vintage RV, 1968 Ultra Van Motorhome for sale

Found a unique RV that was built in the late 50s by professional aircraft designer David Peterson. He created this RV when he couldn't bring the boat during the RVing season because pulling a travel trailer. In 1959, the Chevy Corvair was offered on the market and he buy one to take in a large garage he rented previously, and four months later the first Ultra Van was born.

Rare Vintage RV, 1968 Ultra Van Motorhome

A Corvair has evolved into a class A motorhome with about 3,000 pounds in weight, 22 feet long, 8 feet wide with full 6’2″ stand-up headroom, a total of 8′ tall from wheels to the top. It has all amenities as usual Class A RV had, including a large bedroom in the back, a full galley, a bathroom, etc. Finally, David Peterson can bring his boat during the RVing season.

Similar to airplane construction, the Ultra Van is built as a true monocoque structure, without chassis, all constructed with aluminum ribs covered with riveted sheet aluminum all around the body also fiberglass shell for the aerodynamic front and sloppy rear, with those bumpers are made of foam.

1984 Mercedes-Benz 409D RV

1984 Mercedes-Benz 409D RV

1984 Mercedes-Benz 409D RV for sale in Tigard, Oregon

Found this one at Craigslist a rare Germany RV in US, this unusual you will see often at RV parks, used class A motorhome that was made by Mercedes-Benz powered by diesel engine mated manual transmission with about 79,900 miles was recorded by odometer, is said run good. If you're looking something unique RV this could be perfect for you, The van look cool with always run diesel engine located in Tigard, Oregon asking $19500.